Berlin Model United Nations XXVI – Schülerbericht

„Women’s Empowerment – A Key to Good Governance and Socio-Economic Prosperity” was this year’s conference theme. When this information was transmitted to us, ten delegates of the German School Shanghai Hongqiao eagerly flew to Germany’s capital city and alongside their two MUN directors with the goal of representing Chad and Ukraine in the fight against gender inequality and oppression of the female sex.

Although we might find ourselves in a rather modern and developed century, there is not a single country with true gender equality. In Less Economically Developed Countries (LEDCs), women are still held back with basic human rights being infringed upon.

“We cannot all succeed if half of us are held back”, Malala Yousafzai once said. Thus, over 600 delegates from twelve different countries assembled in Berlin and had three days of both intense and fruitful debate at the John-F-Kennedy School. Our delegates were present in the Political, Environmental, Disarmament, Human Rights Committees, Special Conference and even had the honor to serve as double-delegates in the Security Council.

The BERMUN Conference officially started in the afternoon of November 15th, when ambassadors of their respective countries held captivating opening speeches in order to state their countries’ position. The next day, delegates met within their committees and immediately started writing resolutions in order to tackle the issues at hand concerning the oppression of women and girls globally.
Not only were the debates extremely interesting, but the atmosphere in each committee was harmonic and friendships between delegates were built.

Now, from my personal perspective, this year’s conference was an amazing experience which truly opened my eyes and made me realize things that I did not know before. Thanks to the fact that I participated in the conference last year as well, I brought more experience with me, thus actively engaged in the debate and was able to defend Chad proudly.

Furthermore, we not only participated in the conference and had heated debates – no, we also had the opportunity to experience Berlin as a center of political, economic and cultural importance: visits to the Reichstagsgebäude and the Brandenburger Tor were of course mandatory, but we also visited the Jewish Museum of Berlin and an example of a fallout shelter in case of a nuclear war.

The annual BERMUN Trip was as always a unique experience and really unforgettable. With our school providing the Model United Nations as a voluntary class, I would encourage everyone to try it out, since it improves one’s debate and public speaking skills. Through participating at several MUN Conferences annually, we have the opportunity to meet other amazing delegates with different ethnic backgrounds, thus heightening one’s international horizon!

Jenny, 11c

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