Jing'an Tempel, Flaschenöffner und Taipeh 101 in Miniatur: Bilingualer Geografiekurs übt sich im Modellbau

In April and May 2017, the eighth-graders worked on a big Geography project. Divided in groups of four, the students were given the task to recreate famous buildings of China as models and prepare a presentation about them.

Over a couple of weeks, the students worked on their models and were only allowed to work on them in class as the teachers, Mr. Schlichting and Mrs. Schneider-Miceli, had to keep an eye on how concentrated individual students worked. What was more, it prevented the possibility that parents helped build the model, which, of course, wasn´t allowed.

Some of the biggest challenges for the groups were the management of both time and material on the one hand and technical difficulties on the other, as the students had to organize everything by themselves. Despite the difficulties all the groups managed to finish the models in time.

So all in all, this project taught us not only the facts about our buildings or how to build towers and temples with Styrofoam and duct tape, but also how to organize and manage our time.

The following buildings were rebuilt:

The Shanghai World Financial Centre, Shanghai

Bank of China, Hong Kong

CCTV Building, Beijing

Jin Mao Tower, Shanghai

Jing’An Temple, Shanghai

The Great Wall, Beijing

Taipeh 101, Taipeh

Bird’s Nest, Beijing


Martha Philipiak 8b, Lilly Schneeberger 8c, Luisa Scholz 8c

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