Model United Nations Berlin 2016

Human Suffering, a problem that has existed from the very beginning of humankind. Today this problem is still extremely urgent and it is our responsibility to combat this pressing issue. This year’s annual BERMUN conference, which was hosted by the John F. Kennedy School in Berlin, had the aim of finding ways how to end human suffering. 10 students (from years 10 -12) from our DSS MUN-Club took again part in BerMun representing Poland and the Syrian Arab Republic. They were accompanied by Ms Schubert and Mr Cohnen.

On Monday, 14th November, the group took the flight to Berlin. After an exhausting long trip we arrived at Berlin Tegel Airport and realized that is was freezing cold and raining in Berlin, but the bad weather didn't stop our passion to discover the capital of Germany. In the following days we visited various cultural sights including the former Stasi-prison Hohenschönhausen, the Bundestag, the Brandenburger Tor and the Potsdamer Platz. Furthermore, we went to watch the play “Der Vater”, a performance that portrayed the perspective of an old man suffering from dementia.

When the conference began on Wednesday, our ambassadors of Poland and Syria held a speech in opening ceremony at the Friedrich-Ebert Stiftung. Then finally the debate on how to end the global problem of human suffering began!

Our delegates successfully merged and lobbied with other nations represented by students from over 90 nations ranging from the USA to Saudi Arabia and Japan. We developed well-written resolutions to end human suffering and took actively part in productive debates.

One night we had the opportunity of watching the film “The Uncondemned”, a thriller about the genocide in Rwanda and the combat of recognizing rape as a war crime, which brought us deep insight into a case of real-life human suffering and the successful fight for justice.

During the trip we not only tried to solve some of the most important issues in the world, we also grew closer to each other and became very good friends. One of our delegates had forgotten his jacket at home and the whole group ended up choosing one for him. Another case in point: we always supported each other, be it helping a delegate to put on his tie or finishing meals for one another (as the girls were not always able to eat everything served).

To sum up, I believe this trip was not only a valuable experience, but will also stay in our minds as a precious memory of us all as a group. We thank our teachers Ms Schubert and Mr Cohnen for coming with us and organizing the whole trip, furthermore we also thank our school for providing us the chance to visit Berlin, to debate with students from all over the world and at the same time to become close friends.

By the way, the DSS- MUN-Club meets Wednesdays 5 pm in the classroom of 11a. In every session the students represent different countries and debate on global issues from the point of view of their respective the countries’ policies. If anyone is interested, you are more than welcome to drop by.

Sissi Tao, Vivian Chen, Jenny Wu & Daniel Glatter

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