“Unfulfilled Promises” - the first MUN-Conference the MUN-Club attended this school year

The corruption in Guatemala, the instability in the Republic of Congo, or the division of Cyprus – all of these topics still cause great concern due to the failed attempts in the past to tackle these issues and overcome the crises. The governments of the struggling countries have promised their citizens to find effective and long-term solutions. Unfortunately, they were unsuccessful, which even made the situation worse.

Thus, the theme of this year’s debate at the SMIC-Private School Shanghai was “Unfulfilled Promises“. It took place on 29th October 2016, and the German School sent nine delegates, six 10th graders and three students from the 11th grade to take part in the conference. It was all planned and organised by one of the Directors of the MUN-Club, Mrs Schubert (for which we are extremely grateful!).

It was definitely an unforgettable experience for us to debate at such a high level alongside other incredibly knowledgeable and dedicated students from schools all over Shanghai. Doubtlessly, we learned various ways to find solutions efficiently and by working together with others. We were able to expand our political knowledge and to improve both our debating and public speaking skills.

All delegates participated without tiring and contributed to a productive debate. We are confident to say that every single one of us enjoyed the conference and we are looking forward very much to our own EuroMUN Conference in March 2017, which will be organised by the DS Shanghai and the Lycée Français de Shanghai.

If you are interested in joining our MUN Club, you are welcome to visit our weekly MUN sessions on Wednesday at 5 p.m.!

Jenny Wu & Vivian Chen, 10c

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