The Civil Rights Movement Project

In the American history the Civil Rights Movement played a very big role and brought huge changes with it.

After the Civil War in the USA, the Afro-American slaves were set free, but were still treated badly and had no political rights. They were segregated from the whites, for example in schools and had different bus seats. They even had to give up their seats for the whites, if there wasn’t enough space. But a lot of Afro-Americans couldn’t accept it anymore, so they started to protest against the discrimination.  

The era of the Civil Rights Movement was our next project in History and English class. The whole 8th grade was split up in 14 groups of four to five students. Each group was assigned to the name of a famous person, like Abraham Lincoln or Martin Luther King Junior, who played a big role in the Civil Rights Movement. The task was to present our topic in a creative way.

Our project began on the 19th of January and we had 2 weeks to prepare our presentations. Finally, the day had arrived; on the 3rd of February the whole 8th grade assembled in the Fine Arts Center. We had all brought different and interesting clothing and stage props.

There were various performances, like talk shows, interviews, but also short theatre plays and video clips. We enjoyed the shows and know now much more about the Civil Rights Movement than before.

This project helped us to learn more about the American history. It was a fascinating experience for all of us and a good idea of our teachers. We read a lot about the discrimination of Afro-Americans and think, that they should not be judged by the color of their skin. The project should be repeated next year.

Shi Xiao, Josephine, Jenny and Vivian, 8c

Die folgenden Lehrkräfte waren am Projekt beteiligt:
Bettina Schneider-Miceli, Tobias Schlör, Kilian Hunger, Ute Seeling, Dr. Rolf Friedrich Hartkamp, Marco Michelbach und Ludger Sobkowiak

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