Debattierwettbewerb in Beijing: Schüler-Vorbericht Nr. 1

Seit dem 19.Februar bereiten sich 16 Schüler der Jahrgangsstufe 11 auf ihre Teilnahme am Lycée Français International de Pékin International Debating Competition am 15. und 16 Mai in Beijing vor. Bis zum, während und nach dem Wettbewerb berichten die Schüler hier auf der Webseite auf Englisch, da der Wettbewerb auf Englisch stattfindet, von ihren Erfahrungen.

Blog Entry #1: Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Welcome one and all to the blog of this year’s LFIP International Debate Competition, as you join us on our journey to the final tournament, which will be hosted by the French International School of Beijing on May 15 and 16 2014. Over the course of the competition, students from different international schools all around China will gather to debate, discuss and develop a deeper awareness of current global issues. Motions have been chosen by the organisers with topics ranging from health care systems, meat consumption all the way to the growing gap between the rich and the poor. It will then be up to the students to represent their houses as they debate either in favour or against the given motions with the help of their research, linguistic proficiency and oratorical skills.

 As this is our very first post, we are extremely excited to introduce to you our two teams, composing of five debaters each, which we will be sending to Beijing as the representatives of the Deutsche Schule Shanghai EuroCampus. Our first team with Dennis Zhang as the team captain consists of himself, Ingrid Schröder, Leo Friedlein, Felix Chen and Silvia Glas. The second team is made up of Emma Jost, Silja Zhang, Thomas Winterhalder, Tina Xiong and Hieronymus Eichengrün, who will also be taking on the role as team captain. All of the above mentioned are from the 11th grade of the German School Shanghai EuroCampus and have demonstrated not only skill, but also commitment and hard work to deserve their positions on the teams.

In addition to this, we have our six research experts, who will be coaching our teams during the entire process. These students include Leonie Buschmann, Stella Drechsler, Kathleen Cheng, Paul Leweke, Christopher Syhr and Saimeng Zhou, who will additionally be acting as chairmen/chairwomen and timekeepers at the actual event in Beijing for the debates. With their support and the guidance of our mentors Frau Schweitzer and Frau Häntzschel, lets together root for our teams and hope for them to enter the finals.

As the competition draws nearer, all the debaters and research experts are increasingly becoming busier with individual preparations and the weekly organised training schedules. Today, our first mock trial was held in the library with the presence of a small audience and the headmistress, Frau Michel. All ten debaters dressed in formal attire (yes, we’re talking suits and ties) were ready to take the floor and present their arguments, “as nerve-wrecking as that may be”. Valid points were made in favour, as well as against the idea of privatising health care, leaving numerous of interesting factors to think about. While it is certainly true that “health care should be a basic human right” as one of the speakers suggested, it also needs to be considered that “governmental health care is excessively misused and exploited”, like the opposing team had mentioned.

The debate was rounded off by Chairman Saimeng Zhou today, leaving the speakers content and proud of their delivered work. We have high hopes for both our teams, as they continue to show progress and development!

Stay tuned in; we’ll keep you updated!

Kathleen Cheng (11b)

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