Year 1s have a barking good time with Floppy!

The month of November is all about dogs. Year 1s pay tribute to their favourite Oxford Reading Tree (ORT) character, Floppy, with an art exhibition. In this segment, we will be focussing on our ORT fiction titles containing Floppy. Additionally, we will shift our study from fiction to non-fiction materials by researching our Fireflies line, which will teach us all about looking after dogs. There will be plenty of opportunities for discussing our pets and how to care for them. Our key word banks will see new additions when we have a go at labeling a giant dog!
Annette Schweitzer

While the older children were away on their class trips, the Year 1s were busy with our own projects.  For English, we first painted a canvas with a place where our favourite dog, Floppy, would like to play. Then we made a Floppy with a funny black nose, a big red tongue and wiggly eyes. Beautiful!
Andra McKay

Fotos © DS Shanghai