For the first time the German School Shanghai took part in the Berlin Model United Nations Conference (BERMUN). This was the 17th time this event was hosted by the John F. Kennedy School in Berlin, under participation of students from different countries, such as Turkey, the United States of America or Belarus, to name only a few.

Eight Students from Grade 11 (Lukas Abbing, Philipp Rittinghaus, Adrian Ernst, Theresa Schmitz, Larissa Pichler, Christine Braunhuber, Sarah Fleischer and Julia Metzner) represented the People’s Republic of China at this year’s conference, taking place from 19th to 22nd November. This year’s BERMUN topic was: The Empowerment of Women: A Prerequisite for Global Development.

Throughout the conference each student had been in their own committee, such as the Political Committee or the Human Rights Committee, where they all faced various new challenges. These challenges included representing ones countries’ interests and policies instead of the students’ own, convincing other countries of one’s point of view, compromising on and merging points of view with those of other countries, or simply learning the parliamentarian procedures followed during lobbying and debating with other UN-delegates.  

In every committee, except for the Security Council, different aspects of the main theme Empowering Women were considered, resolutions were drafted and debated. The topics debated in the Security Council were the situations in Myanmar, in North Korea and in Lebanon. Therefore making the right representation of one’s country and the right time to veto were even more crucial.

The BERMUN Conference was a great chance for us students to learn more about issues of global relevance but not directly related to our every day school lives, and to gain insight into the ways and workings of international relationships and diplomacy.

We met a lot of interesting people and acquired a completely different understanding about the United Nations, its policies and politics. It was a truly impressive experience for all of us.

 Julia Metzner (Klasse 11c)