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Our day trip to the Tropical Rainforest

On January 30th 2008 the classes 7a and 7b went to the Science and Technology Museum together with our Geography teachers Ms Fritzsche and Mr Wagner and our class teachers  Mr Wieland and Mr Weuste. First we took a school bus to the museum. On the bus we already had to do some rainforest exercises and there were some more tasks to do later in the exhibition. 

The exhibition was very interesting because we could see much more than only trees. There was a waterfall, a suspension bridge, a jungle hut and some caves. While going through the rainforest we could hear many different sounds of the animals that live in the forest. In the museum were not only dead or stuffed animals, there also were some real ones, like snakes, turtles, iguanas and butterflies. We could see a lot of plants like herbs, epiphytes and ferns, too.

At 12 o’clock we met at the IMAX cinema, which is in the same building as the exhibition. There we watched the film Forces of Nature about volcanoes, earthquakes, tornados and other natural catastrophes. After the film we went back to school. The trip was a lot of fun!

Jasmin Nüssli 7a